Let Chicago Interior Decorators Transform Your Interior Spaces

The children’s space in a home is often overlooked during a home renovation. Designers and their clients spend an enormous amount of time agreeing a design theme for the main areas: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, but then decide that the kid’s rooms are not so important. However this is a mistake and with some great vision Chicago interior decorators like Runa Novak and her interior design services team will be able to create a funky, imaginative, and stimulating kids space for your children, no matter how old they are.

Sleeping Arrangements for Kids

Bunk beds are a classic favorite for a kid’s bedroom. Custom bunk beds are practical, fun and can save a lot of space if the room is not all that big. High level beds are a variation on the theme of bunk beds and are perfect for teenagers who need some extra study space. Another option worth considering is to use a twin/double, queen double or a queen size bunk bed, as these can be used for guests.

Quality Kids’ Furniture

Kids’ furniture is very often inferior in quality so don’t be afraid to pick out adult quality furniture and make it fun with bright colors. Adult furniture is more robust and will better withstand the rigors of younger children. Older children will also appreciate the sophistication of adult-style bedroom furniture.

Kids Space in Quirky Corners

One of Runa Novak’s trademark design features is to add a secret passage into the kid’s space. Sometimes, her clients come across an area of the house that is too funky in shape to do anything with or the ceiling is too low.  These spaces usually make the best kid’s play area. Runa likes to add a secret passage door (a bookcase door, for example) if possible and by the time the project has reached completion the quirky kids’ space has been turned into the most talked about room in the home. 

Designing a Kid’s Bathroom

All kids, but especially teenagers, need their own bathroom. However, a kid’s bathroom doesn’t have to look like a nursery bathroom. Colorful accessories will identify the gender and age and can be switched out easily if the living space is changed over at a later date, or one child leaves for college and a younger sibling takes over the bathroom. Runa Novak likes to design sophisticated kids’ bathrooms that are fun and appealing to adults as well as children. Quirky accessories are a must-have addition for children’s bathrooms and Runa specializes in sourcing unique and fun pieces such as a towel rack ribbon that are designed to appeal to children.

For more information about the benefits of creating a funky kids’ space using custom furniture and exciting themes, contact Runa Novak from In Your Space interiors to see how Chicago interior decorators can help transform your home.