Give Your Chicago Interiors the ‘WOW’ Factor with Lighting Ideas from Runa Novak

Lighting is very important and Runa Novak from In Your Space, Interior Design finds it shocking that many people overlook lighting when designing a space. She believes that lighting should enhance a space and when used correctly, lighting can make the difference between a functional space and a show-stopping decorative interior design scheme. Of course there are many different types of lighting to choose from, which is why a lot of people err on the side of caution when designing their Chicago interiors.

Enhance Your Space

Runa Novak believes that lighting should enhance a space and whether it’s a table lamp, wall, ceiling, decorative or non-decorative light, the style of lighting you choose will play a big part in the overall decorative scheme.

Define the Space

Ceiling light fixtures should not only light up a room but also define space in the ceiling area. Think of lighting as furniture for the ceiling, so if you have a high ceiling, you can afford to be creative and use a large, decorative light that is not lost in the overall space. Lighting can also be used to draw attention to attractive architectural features. As a great example of this, Runa used glass chain link wall sconces to enhance a stylish staircase in a modern renovation.

Designer Lighting in Chicago Interiors

Lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional. Let your personality show through lighting and don’t be afraid to be bold! There are some amazing lighting designers out there and Runa Novak has worked with many of them to produce beautiful custom-designed pieced for her clients. From a classically modern chandelier in a kitchen to a stylish black chandelier above a polished wood dining room table, lighting is your opportunity to transform an ordinary room into something extraordinary.

Light Up the Kitchen

Kitchen lighting needs to be functional and stylish. Runa Novak always works with her clients to assess how the kitchen will be used before she designs a lighting scheme. There are many different types of lighting available for kitchens, from recessed ceiling lights and cupboard lighting to grandiose chandeliers and feature lights above kitchen islands and breakfast bars. And if you are planning a separate wine room, lighting is just as important there, too.

Bedroom Lighting

Whatever type of mood you wish to create in the bedroom, it is important not to forget about the lighting. Romantic or sensual, either way lighting can make or break a design scheme. Table lamps, reading lights, and feature chandeliers have all been used to great effect in many of Runa Novak’s most memorable Chicago interiors.

Designer Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is another area in the home where plenty of lighting is essential. From lighting around vanity basins to accent lighting that injects some color into a monochrome decorative scheme; this is a chance for your designer to add personality to the overall theme.

Runa Novak has worked on some award winning Chicago interiors, so if you would like her to work on your home, you can contact her at In Your Space, Interior Design today.