Master Closet Design in Chicago by Runa Novak

Master closets are generally multi-purpose spaces. We use them to store clothes, miscellaneous items, and they may also have a bathroom in there, too. In this instance, the master closet was a warren of tiny rooms containing storage space for his and her, plus a bathroom and study. The space didn’t work at all and was very dated. So the client called upon the services of top 10 designer Runa Novak from the In Your Space interior design firm for ideas on closet design in Chicago.


There were many things the client wanted to change, although they did want to keep the existing ceiling lines. The main brief was to change the layout and make the space user-friendlier. The client also asked Runa to include a new bathroom in the design.        

  • The individual rooms were very dark and cramped
  • There was nowhere near enough storage space in the master closet
  • The layout was poor and doors banged into each other when opened
  • The flooring was deeply unattractive


The layout was redesigned with a central entrance and individual rooms were removed so that two main areas remained: a closet and a bathroom

  • The new bathroom has a freestanding tub, a double floating vanity and a large steam shower
  • Runa also installed a small laundry room and toilet at the end of the hallway
  • Reclaimed wood built-ins were used in the new closet to match the double vanity in the new master bathroom.
  • Recessed lighting and skylights were added to provide additional natural light
  • Walnut flooring was installed from the bedroom, through the closet, toilet, and laundry room
  • Two stylish benches were placed in the new closet to frame the walkway and provide a gallery effect.
  • Runa found some lovely crystal chain link chandeliers to add a touch of glamour to the final design

Professional interior design services made a huge difference to this cramped and dated closet and the end result was stunning.