A Great Example of Custom Furniture in a Modern Dining Room Designed and Built by Denver Craftsmen

Runa Novak’s firm In Your Space Interior Design has years’ worth of experience designing and commissioning custom furniture and appointments for the finest homes in Denver and throughout the United States. Utilizing an extensive network of metal and wood craftsmen, Runa’s team can create from scratch, or reproduce from existing, anything that you can image.

Before the Dining Room Renovation

For some reason, no matter how big the house is, the dining rooms tend to be small. In this particular case, the dining room was much too small and the space was wasted. The original table sat only eight and it looked too short for the room. Runa Novak always recommends her clients go with the largest dining room table to seat as many people as possible, so in this case, this is exactly what they did.

After the Dining Room Renovation

  • In order to address the failings of the room, Runa Novak replaced the existing windows with floor to ceiling windows, which made the space look much bigger. 
  • Most people will buy one or two dining tables in their entire adult life for a formal dining room. Since it’s saved for special occasions and hardly used they can’t justify replacing it without a good reason. In this particular example a 10’ custom made black walnut table was built by a specialist customer furniture Denver firm to compliment the lovely natural environment outside. Since the table top takes up so much of the room, Runa likes to choose an interesting wood or other hard surface that is eye-catching. Otherwise it ends up being covered with a table cloth and then cluttered up with stuff.
  • Lighting was chosen to fill the space between the ceiling and the table without obstructing the outside view or closing up the room.

And as you can see from the before and after pictures, the end result was magnificent!

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