Runa Novak Designs a Custom Staircase for a Colorado Home

Staircases are essential, but are often overlooked by interior design services. However a custom staircase can make a huge difference to a home and if you want to create the ‘WOW’ factor, a custom staircase by Runa Novak  is the way to do it.


  • The floating staircase in the original design does not work very well because you can see the detail
  • The backdrop of stained glass behind the staircase made everything appear dark and dated
  • The sconces chosen to match the stained glass were much too dark and barely visible
  • Runa replaced the stained glass with clear window glass
  • She stained the staircase black to show off the floating treads
  • She replaced the original metal railing with glass to keep the staircase open and create a sense of light and space
  • A metal modern stainless steel hand rail was added
  • Runa chose hand blown glass chain sconces to reflect light – they reminded her of icicles  and were another way of bringing nature into the house



The end result is a beautiful modern elegant staircase that opens up the foyer and the stunning slope side view is visible through the open treads.