Inspirational Denver Kitchen Design by Runa Novak

When top 10 designerRuna Novak from In Your Space interior design firm was asked to work on a newkitchen design, her first thought was how dark it was. Despite being blessed with some fabulous views, the kitchen was very poorly designed. But once the client had decided to take advantage of professional interior design services, the new kitchen was a joy to behold.


  • The kitchen was dark and dingy
  • The double sink was much too small for any serious gourmet cooking
  • The kitchen looked cramped
  • Runa replaced the sink with the infamous 45” Kallista Sink designed by De Guilio
  • Light color cabinets and a backsplash by Artistic Tiles were used to keep the area airy and bright
  • The entire kitchen window was framed to match the upper cabinets so the window no longer looks out of place


The end result was a stunning clean window area that compliments the overall kitchen beautifully and is a vast improvement on the original cramped, dark space.

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