Kitchen Design by One of the Top Interior Decorators in Chicago: Runa Novak

The kitchen is the most important rooms in the house. It sets the stage for the entire house – aesthetically and functionally – so if you are planning a new kitchen or a complete overhaul of your existing kitchen, perhaps you should consider hiring the services of Runa Novak, one of the best interior decorators in Chicago.

Finding the Right Balance of Form and Function with Interior Decorating in Chicago

Runa Novak and In Your Space Interior Design, is a firm whose design projects have been featured in several interior design magazines. She has designed many gourmet kitchens and enjoys working with clients to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. In her experience, a lot of planning and thought goes into building and remodeling a beautiful gourmet kitchen. Every item and every area in the kitchen tells a story about the owner’s lifestyle and taste, so it is important to spend time on the initial consultation process to ensure the client is able to verbalize their wants and needs. Successful interior decorators in Chicago know that a new kitchen is a big investment of both time and money and that it is very important that every last detail is correct.

Some people want a kitchen that looks fantastic, but is only ever a showpiece – designed to look beautiful, but never to be used. However in this Interior decorator’s experience, the best kitchens are also very functional and practical and she designs her kitchens to withstand busy family life. So not only do they look good, but they also meet the needs of the client on many different levels.

A Stylish Kitchen

The style of kitchen a client wants is something that needs to be discussed very early on in the design consultation process with interior decorators in Chicago.  Traditional, transitional, modern – there are any number of styles you might like, but ultimately it is very much a matter of personal taste, although Runa Novak and the In Your Space Interior Design team will steer you through the many different options, helping you choose the style of the cabinets and accessories, backsplash, countertop, appliances and hood details, plumbing fixtures, and many other details.

Questions To Be Asked during the Design Consultation

  • Do you plan on cooking in the kitchen or is the appearance more important? 
  • How many people will be cooking?
  • Do you want a kitchen island to fit the entire family?
  • Do you need a baking station?
  • Do you need a wine storage area in the kitchen?
  • Are you intending to entertain a lot?
  • Do you need a prep sink?

The answers to these questions (and more) will all help a designer to create a space that works best for you and your family. The working triangle is also very important in kitchen design and this is something else that will be taken into consideration during the design process.

So whether you are looking for polished chrome cabinets, a walnut bar cabinet or a soapstone countertop, Runa Novak is a top 10 designer and one of the best known interior decorators in Chicago, so contact her at the In Your Space Interior Design firm today.