Interior Design in Aspen with Runa Novak of In Your Space, Interior Design

Runa Novak, was delighted to be asked to work on a complete design and build project in the beautiful Colorado landscape. As an experienced designer with In Your Space Interior Design, Runa Novak is used to creating beautiful living spaces for discerning clients, but this particular project involved tearing down and then rebuilding an existing structure from the ground up.

Interior design in Aspen often features projects of all shapes and sizes, but this particular project was more extensive than most. The old barn house was taken down and Runa Novak was then given a blank canvas to work with. The clients had very firm ideas about what type of design theme they were looking for in their new house and Runa was happy to deliver. After a great deal of consultation, it was decided that the design of the house would encompass a rustic modern look with strong lines and lots of black accents, which was something the clients had a strong affinity for.

Innovative Interior Design and the Use of Reclaimed Aspen Materials

The clients wanted the exterior of the house to have a recycled material look, so Runa Novak decided to make good use of reclaimed wood, copper, local stones and rocks in order to create a beautifully natural theme that was very much in keeping with the stunning location of the property. A successful interior design Aspen project requires all of these locally sourced elements to blend together in a natural fashion.

The property was designed as a four bedroom house with an enormous Great Room, a dining room, a kitchen, a family room for the kids, and a master suite. There are lots of windows in the property to make the most of the fabulous views outdoors and natural materials feature heavily throughout the house – wooden floors and stone tiles add warm, rich color and are perfect for the modern rustic theme. Bringing the exterior in and tying both the interior and exterior finishes together are  what makes this interior design Aspen project a success.

A Custom Aspen Design

Every inch of the house was custom designed by Runa Novak from In Your Space Interior Design, and the completed home is an excellent example of a commercially finished residential project. A narrow profile  trim was used in building the house and the finished product is a beautiful mix of rustic, earthy hues. Reds, ochre and blues are used in the soft furnishings, which combined with ultra-modern design elements such as the modern metal railing on the staircase give the property a character all of its own.

Back to Black

Because the clients were so keen to include black accents throughout the house, Runa Novak made sure every room featured black as part of the design theme for this interior design Aspen project. Black kitchen cabinets add a touch of classic style to the kitchen and all of the doors and window frames are black. Black and white is used as a decorative scheme in every room, particularly in the bathrooms – one of the bathrooms features striking geometric tiles whereas the other is designed using softer beige and natural colors, but with black accents to tie it in to the rest of the house. The pretty black and white powder room also continues the black and white theme, albeit with a more feminine approach.

For more information about this design project and other interior design Aspen projects, give the team at In Your Space Interior Design firm a call today.