Beautiful Staircases from Runa Novak and In Your Space, Interior Design Firm in Chicago

Staircases are often taken for granted. But they shouldn’t be because a staircase is a major architectural feature in a home and if built centrally, it can create a sense of grandeur in an otherwise mediocre entrance room.

Designer Staircases

Staircases can feature both indoors and outside. Internal staircases connect different floors in the home. A large staircase can act as a focal point in an open plan house whereas a smaller staircase could be used in a separate part of the home, perhaps between a ground floor and a basement area. You may also have a staircase and railings outside. Outdoor decking and balconies require railings and staircases if they are built over multiple levels. As such there are plenty of opportunities to use an interior design firm in Chicago to create an eye catching design statement in your home with designer staircases.

A Bridge into Space

Runa Novak loves staircases. She describes staircases as bridges inside a house that take you to another area, a journey into the unknown that would be impossible without stairs. Sadly, despite their uses and the fact that they take up a great deal of space inside the home, many designers overlook their potential. As a result, staircases are often boring, even if their owners think otherwise.

Showcase Your Style with a Fabulous Staircase

Working with an interior design firm in Chicago is a fabulous opportunity to give some thought to your existing staircase and whether it would benefit from a renovation. In most cases the answer is yes. Staircases anchor the rest of the space and it is important that they are well-designed. You can use a staircase to showcase your sense of style. You can also use a staircase to tie together your overall design theme.

Runa Novak from the In Your Space interior design firm in Chicago likes to design staircases and surrounding rails so that they enhance the surrounding area. She tries to make every staircase she designs completely unique in terms of style and details. Styles vary from traditional to modern, but it is possible to personalize any style of staircase using a wealth of different materials, including metal, glass, and timber.

Light and Space

Glass railings help to create a sense of space and light. In homes that are blessed with amazing views of mountains and forest, a solid balustrade would act as a barrier and therefore a glass railing is a far better material.

Staircases as Accent Points

Staircases can also become accent points in the room. In one home designed by Runa Novak the clients were very fixated on the use of black as an accent point. The main staircase was constructed from black timber with glass rails and then highlighted with hanging glass sconces on the adjacent walls. The end result was modern and stylish.

If you are looking for an interior design firm in Chicago to create a memorable staircase in your home, contact Runa Novak from the In Your Space interior design firm. She is a top 10 designer with a wealth of experience in designing and constructing staircases, so give her a call today.