Designer Bathrooms from Runa Novak and In Your Space Interiors – A Top Interior Designer in Denver

Runa Novak is one of the top interior designers in Denver. Over the years Runa has worked with hundreds of clients and designed some truly memorable bathrooms, either as standalone projects or as part of a larger design brief. Bathroom projects are always one of her favorites and she enjoys coming up with creative design solutions for smaller spaces within the home.

Form Follows Function

Runa Novak is very aware of the fact that form follows function when she is designing a home for a client, and this is particularly the case in bathroom projects.

In her own words: “No matter, how beautiful a bathroom is, if it’s not practical it loses its impact of that first great impression.”

All bathrooms, no matter how small, need the essential items: shower/tub, vanity basin and a toilet, so this should always be the starting point in a bathroom design. The available space will determine the size and shape of these items. From there, the designer can add the decorative elements such as tiles, hardware and lighting. The bathroom must also meet building codes: toilets must have enough clearance, plus all doors and drawers have to be clear enough to allow enough through traffic flow.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Once the three key items have a permanent home, Runa Novak normally moves on to helping the client choose tiles. A key part of luxury bathroom design is ensuring the room is easy to clean and maintain. Runa prefers to cover as much of the bathroom area as possible with tiles, but obviously this will depend on the available budget.

Decorative Schemes from Interior Designers in Denver

The decorative scheme is the designer’s opportunity to help the client stamp their personality all over the space. There are no rules on how you can decorate a bathroom, although many people prefer pale, muted colors. Tiles are a good starting point and accent tiles can be fun, but if it’s too strong you can get tired of such a scheme very fast, even when it is used in small doses.

Modern Designer Bathrooms

Monochromatic bathrooms are often a popular choice for a modern designer bathroom. When you want to keep the bathroom timeless, monochromatic black and white bathrooms are the best, but Runa likes to remind her clients that they shouldn’t be afraid of mixing shapes of the same color tiles to bring texture.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Powder rooms are the one place where you can give full rein to your creativity. This is the room where you can let your imagination run wild. It can never be too much or too gaudy and Runa Novak has designed some fabulous powder rooms for clients.

Top 10 designer, Runa Novak, is one of the best known interior designers in Denver, so if you want a luxury bathroom to enjoy, give her and the team at In Your Space Interiors a call today.