Kitchen Designers in Denver Transform a Kitchen

Kitchens are often the focal point of a family home, but if they are poorly designed, they can seriously detract from the overall look. Runa Novak from the In Your Space interior design firm of kitchen designers in Denver used the benefit of her experience to transform a tired and ill-thought out room into a magnificent transitional kitchen.

The goal of this kitchen renovation was to use interior design services to get rid of the old, tired traditional Tuscany style kitchen and replace it with a beautiful and fully functional transitional/modern gourmet kitchen.


The client had many complaints about their existing kitchen

  • The room was too dark and the cupboards were narrow, which meant that there wasn’t enough storage space
  • The upper and lower cupboards didn’t match and the whole design lacked symmetry
  • There wasn’t enough counter space and one sink was not sufficient
  • The kitchen had a peninsular bar, but nobody ever used it and it was largely in the way
  • Lighting was also a problem – there was not enough of it

As a result of all these issues the kitchen felt a lot smaller than it actually was. In fact the only thing the client liked about the old kitchen was the fact that the sink was in front of the window and they could enjoy the fabulous views.


Runa Novak, completely changed the design of the kitchen by doing the following:

  • Light colored kitchen cabinets with lots more storage were installed
  • The peninsula bar was removed and replaced with a central island containing a stove and prep sink. This was suitable for both cooking and eating.
  • Bar stools made from reclaimed wood were added for some extra contrast
  • Existing appliances were replaced with modern stainless steel appliances and an extractor hood
  • Lighting in the kitchen was vastly improved by including lots of recessed lights, plus two beautifully decorative chandeliers for extra glamour

The end result was a wonderfully stylish, fully functional modern transitional kitchen that could be used for gourmet cooking, entertaining and relaxing in.

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