Luxury Sitting Rooms from Vail Interior Designers

Sitting rooms need to be comfortable. They are a room in the home where you go to relax and enjoy the view. Sadly in this particular project, the original sitting room was dated and not in keeping with the stunning location and interior design services were needed. The client chose to use Vail interior designers to try and address the issues. Runa Novak, a top 10 designer from the In Your Space interior design firm was called upon to make good use of her extensive experience to create a modern rustic theme.


  • The room was very closed up and dark, despite the fact it was a window corner
  • The window had multiple mullions, which were very distracting and busy on the eye
  • The cove lighting did absolutely nothing to light up the space
  • The original mullion windows were replaced with floor to ceiling glass windows to bring nature and light into the sitting room area
  • Neutral color furniture was used to blend in with the beautiful backdrop outdoors
  • Animal pattern accessories were added to keep the theme rustic modern and also to introduce some texture


The end result of this sitting room makeover was a very inviting cozy sitting area that is very luxurious and a pleasure to spend time in.