Before Style: Traditional

Before List of client’s dislikes:

  • Too dark
  • The cabinets were too narrow, leading to storage problems
  • No symmetry between the upper and lower cabinets which made the kitchen look very busy.
  • Layout–The aisles were too narrow
  • Countertops – No one sat at the peninsula bar which closed up the kitchen
  • Lacked countertop space
  • 1 sink wasn’t enough
  • The space was not laid-out properly with the result being that it felt much smaller than needed
  • Lighting- too dark and had a lot of dark spots
  • Stove in the island
  • There was a hallway in the kitchen adjacent to the fridge.


Style:Nondescript Modern
Client’s Dislikes:Overall the place lacked personality & any sort of “pop”
The space was uninspiring and bland
Staircase/Railing was a bad design in the 70’s when it was installed!

Before Style: 80’s modern with Southwestern style furnishings

Before list of Client’s dislikes about the house:

  • Everything looked dated and dingy
  • Massive fireplace overpowered the room
  • Weird columns throughout
  • Same matching Wood throughout the house
  • Cove lighting
  • Windows with mullions which closed up the room and was very busy
  • Sunken Family room on the other side of the fireplace