• custom-cabinetry-chicago - Custom double and twin combo bunk beds with steps in solid stained maple designed by Runa Novak of In Your Space Interior Design - demo.mightymediatech.com and RunaNovak.com
    Custom furniture: Ravenswood Residence

Runa Novak Uses Custom Cabinetry in Chicago for Designer Bunk Bed Steps

Runa Novak and In Your Space interior design firm design and build custom cabinetry in Chicago as part of their specialist interior design services for clients in the Chicago area. As a top 10 designer, Runa understands the importance of quality furniture.

Bunk beds are always a good choice, particularly for kids’ rooms. The double and twin combo bunk beds are very popular and it gives people the opportunity to use the room as a guest room.  Runa always recommendsto her clients that they choose bunk beds that are long enough to fit adult size mattresses. In this example, Runa built two large drawers on the lower bunk, plus shelves between lower and upper bunks. She also made sure the bunk beds had a solid built-in ladder.