• custom-millwork-chicago - Custom bunk beds in stained solid maple designed by Runa Novak of In Your Space Interior Design - demo.mightymediatech.com and RunaNovak.com
    Custom furniture: Ravenswood Residence

Runa Novak uses Custom Millwork in Chicago to Produce Designer Bunk Beds

Runa Novak from In Your Space interior design used custom millwork in Chicago to create custom bunk beds for a kids’ room. Bunk beds remain a perennial kids’ favorite, but Runa alwaysrecommends installing bunk beds that are long enough to fit adult size mattresses so that the room can be used for guests if necessary. And because storage is so important to the In Your Space interior design services team, Runa made sure there were plenty of storage options in these bunk beds. She put two large drawers on the lower bunk and added shelves between lower and upper bunks. The bunk beds also have a solid built-in ladder, because is nothing is more fun than climbing a ladder to get into bed!

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