• hudson-furniture - An Exquisite custom black walnut dining room table with matching stools and a bench designed by Runa Novak of In Your Space Interior Design - demo.mightymediatech.com and RunaNovak.com
    Custom furniture: Ravenswood Residence

Inspired by Hudson Furniture – Runa Novak Designs Custom Black Walnut Dining Table

Formal dining rooms are rarely used, so most people tend to invest in a fabulous dining table and then make it last for many years. With this in mind, Runa Novak likes to create a table top constructed from an interesting wood or other suitable hard material so that it becomes the focal point in the room and the owners are less inclined to clutter it up with stuff.

Inspired by a beautiful piece of Hudson furniture, top 10 designerRuna Novak from the In Your Space interior design firm chose a custom made 10’ black walnut table to compliment the nature outside for this particular interior design services project. As you can see from the photograph, it is a magnificent piece of custom-made furniture.

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