• interior-decorating-chicago - Custom angled floating vanity with towel bars on each side designed by Runa Novak of In Your Space Interior Design - demo.mightymediatech.com and RunaNovak.com
    Custom furniture: Ravenswood Residence

Interior Decorating in Chicago – Runa Novak Designs Custom Angled Vanities

Interior decorating projects in Chicago and other residential interior design services offered by In Your Space often involve working with spaces that are not symmetrical. Top 10 designer Runa Novak from the In Your Space interior design firm uses custom designed angled vanities in asymmetrical bathrooms where balance is required to help the room look more symmetrical. In the above example, the middle area of the vanity unit was deliberately left open to hide the fact that the vanity is asymmetrical due to the angle of the wall. Using angled vanities also adds movement and interest to a room.

Runa’s custom kitchen and bath designs have been featured in major publications throughout the United States.