• kitchen-and-bath-design-chicago - Custom modern reclaimed wood floating vanity with towel bars on each side designed by Runa Novak of In Your Space Interior Design - demo.mightymediatech.com and RunaNovak.com
    Custom furniture: Ravenswood Residence

Signature Kitchen and Bath Design in Chicago by Runa Novak

Kitchen and bath design in Chicago is one of the many services offered by top 10 designer Runa Novak from In Your Space interior design firm as part of her extensive interior design services package.She firmlybelieves that vanities should be beautiful but functional. Naturally, In Your Space vanity units are always that and more. Runa’s signature style when designing a vanity unity, whether it is floating or furniture style with legs, is that the unit will be self-contained with plenty of storage,

Vanities should be beautiful of course but functional.  IYS Signature vanities are just that – beautiful and functional. Towel bar(s) are installed on the side or the front and a large usable sink that can accommodate the most beautiful plumbing fixtures is added, too.

The vanity unit in the above photograph was constructed from reclaimed wood with a Caesarstone countertop. Runa then added a custom mirror with etched vanity lights that are only visible when the lights are on.

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