Oscar De La Renta

Thank you fashion, and thank you Mr. De La Renta for always inspiring, and intriguing or imaginations. You never failed to bring our fantasies to real-life with your stunning gowns and fashion. We will always remember, and always be inspired.

We are always challenged to get inspiration from many things to design the most unique, spectacular spaces possible. Nothing inspires us more here at In Your Space headquarters than fashion itself. We love fashion and everything it has to offer.

Let us take a moment and pay our respects to none other than the late Oscar De La Renta, a fashion designer that we have always admired. Oscar De La Renta created fashion and gowns that were majestic and fairy like with the elegance and class women so often dream of. Perfection was his standard. We mourn the loss of a fashion icon and gown extraordinaire. We will never forget his legacy.

Its incredible the influence that the fashion world has on the sometimes public or very intimate spaces we occupy. Its safe to say fashion and Interior design just are a perfect pair. Your unique fashion sense many times reflects your interior design taste. We like to think it all comes full circle!

Here are some of our very own designs influenced by fashion and also inspired by Mr. De La Renta’s gowns. They serve as a tribute to his brilliance as they embody our interior design inspiration and ideas: