Before Style: 80’s Dated and Run Down!

Before List of Client Dislikes:

  • There were 7 separate tiny rooms for his/her closets, wc, vanities and a bath tub
  • All the rooms were very dark and felt cramped
  • Not enough closet space/ storage
  • The doors, when opened, slammed into one another
  • Ugly carpet!

Before List of Client Likes:

  • Keep the ceiling lines

Goals: Make the space more practical by getting rid of the multiple-room theme; have a usable bathroom; a large closet; update the look to something more contemporary.

After List:

  • Removed all of the tiny rooms and defined a central axis for the new layout.
  • Centered the opening to the closet and divided the space into 2 main areas: bathroom and closet
  • The Bathroom at the far end has a freestanding tub, a large steam shower and a double floating vanity
  • In addition to the master bathroom, we installed a water closet and a washer/dryer combo unit in the rooms at the end of the hallway
  • The new custom closet has reclaimed wood built-ins to match the double vanity in the master bath.
  • 2 Benches were added for the gallery effect and also to frame the walkway.
  • Added Recessed lighting and installed skylights for additional natural light
  • Continued the walnut floor from the bedroom up and into the closet, wc, and the laundry room
  • Tiled the bathroom floor
  • Crystal chain link chandeliers to add some glam!
  • Black and white cowhide rug for fun!

Result: A visually stunning closet that is both open and spacious with ample storage, hanging space and a sense of balance conveyed by the clean lines which define the space.